Banning Opleidingen

Banning Advocaten has its own training institute, approved by the Dutch Bar Association, known as Banning Opleidingen. Banning Opleidingen organises both internal and external courses and training for lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax consultants and judges. The internal courses relate to all areas of the law in which Banning Advocate operates. Internal courses are also organised that are relevant to all areas of the law, such as the Civil Procedural Law Master Classes and the Current Affairs Courses. These internal courses are organised by Marc Janssen.

The external courses and training are based primarily on the broad field of Family Law. They are either extended courses, requiring basic knowledge and specific practical experience, or specialist courses, requiring several years of practical experience in the field in question as well as extensive expertise. Louis Zonnenberg, a Family Law specialist, oversees the organisation and content of the external courses and training.

For more information on Banning Opleidingen, or if you have any questions on the course programme, please contact Maartje van den Hoogen ( / +31 73 692 76 72).