Internal training


The continuing professional development of all our lawyers is paramount at our firm. That continuing development is achieved by cultivating knowledge, expertise and skills.

By completing the Dutch Professional Legal Training Course (Beroepsopleiding Advocaten) and taking CPD courses and the Draakenstein course, trainee lawyers at Banning develop their knowledge, expertise and skills from the very start of their careers. Our lawyers can also develop their soft skills internally, thereby improving the level of our services.

The primary target group of the Draakenstein course consists of legal assistants and trainee lawyers. The Draakenstein course offers training to develop soft and hard skills. It currently consists of six parts:

  •  Drafting legal opinions and procedural documents
  •  Legal English dos and don’ts
  •  Moot court
  •  New business and account management
  •  Time management/timekeeping
  •  Tips & tricks for hearings