Procurement Law

Each year, governments purchase products and services from more than 70,000 different suppliers to the tune of 60 billion euro. These orders are often placed on the market via (European) tendering procedures, with more than 10,000 tenders announced each year. As a result, the government market is attractive to businesses but generally cannot be considered ‘easy pickings’. Companies wishing to acquire government orders are often faced with tendering procedures that can resource-intensive and demand careful preparation, with an uncertain outcome. Should your company decide to invest in participating in a tender, you of course want to maximise the likelihood of success.

Tendering without unnecessary risks and the submission of successful tenders requires knowledge of recent developments in the field of legislation, regulation and case law. Procurement law is packed with formal rules that are strictly enforced and constantly in a state of flux. Even the smallest procedural misstep can result in exclusion from the procedure, or wipe out the possibility of winning. Asking the right question at the right time is also essential for a successful bid. (Potential) tenderers and government authorities can call upon our procurement law specialists for advice, for (interlocutory) proceedings and for legal guidance in (complex) tendering processes. We also have experts who specialise in tenders in particular fields such as real estate, healthcare and ICT. Our attorneys provide bespoke solutions and contribute effectively and proactively, to help you arrive at the best possible solution.

If a dispute arises from a tendering procedure, we can clearly chart out the risks and opportunities. Legal action is sometimes unavoidable and in that situation too, we guarantee a rapid, pragmatic and efficient work approach.