M.M. (Margot) Kleijnen

Margot Kleijnen graduated in Private Law at Tilburg University in 2016. Early on in life Margot developed an interest for family law. This interest enhanced during her studies and led to writing her thesis on the parenting plan, which became mandatory in 2009 for all parents who separate or get divorced. This thesis was rewarded with an 8. Partly because of this Margot was invited to speak about this subject at a conference dedicated to children who are entangled in the divorce battle of their parents.

Because of her father’s career, Margot has had the opportunity to see various parts of the world. English can be considered her second language, because she spent a significant part of her childhood in Australia and the United States. Later on in life, she visited India, Qatar and Russia several times. This contributed to Margot’s ability to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds and to adapt to different situations very easily.

Besides working for BANNING Margot also volunteers for an organization that helps families with children that are going through a difficult separation or divorce process.