L. (Lidia) Ritzema


Lidia Ritzema studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam. Lidia graduated in 1981 and has worked as a lawyer ever since. She was a partner at Holland van Gijzen Advocaten en Notarissen and for some years at Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen. She joined BANNING in July 2014.

Lidia specialises in Intellectual Property (IP) Law and Information Technology (IT) Law, including Privacy issues. During her career she has represented many Dutch and international companies and institutions in a wide range of IP issues, supervised several large IT projects, advised in IT disputes and litigated when necessary.

One of her additional specialist areas is disciplinary law.

Lidia is a member of the VIRA (Association of IT Lawyers), a permanent member of the Disciplinary Appeals Tribunal for the Legal Profession. She is a member of the Complaints and Disputes Committee for Healthcare Insurance since May 2018. Furthermore she is a board member of Stichting Tromp in Eindhoven.

Lidia is a member of the BANNING Research Department.