M.A.J.G. (Marc) Janssen

Marc Janssen is a partner involved in knowledge management at BANNING. He has wide-ranging knowledge of general property law (domestic and international), insolvency law and the law of civil procedure. Marc has developed this knowledge as university lecturer at Tilburg University and Radboud University Nijmegen. He specializes in providing advice in these areas of law, with a view to potential litigation and conducting proceedings in such cases. 


  • candidate for membership of Insolad
  • arbiter at the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI)
  • board member of the Eindhoven Legal Society 
  • guest lecturer in civil law at Radboud University Nijmegen and University Tilburg
  • deputy justice at the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam
  • publishes regularly in legal and other journals (incl. WPNR, NTBR and Advocatenblad) and newspapers (particularly Het Financieele Dagblad
  • regular annotator for JBPr
  • editor of Dutch journal SDU Jurisprudentie in Nederland (JIN) 
  • editor of SDU Financiering, Zekerheden & Insolventierechtpraktijk (FIP) 
  • editor of SDU Commentaar Insolventierecht
  • editor of SDU Overeenkomst in de Rechtspraktijk
  • member of Committee Burgerlijk Procesrecht Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten 
  • civil cassation lawyer at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands