S. (Stéfanie) van Creij


Stéfanie van Creij completed her master’s degree in law at Tilburg University and has been working as an employment lawyer since 2012.

In practice, Stéfanie focuses on employment law in the broad sense of the word. She is specialized in individual- and collective dismissal law, sick employees and mediation. In addition, she advises and litigates on matters such as (change in) employment conditions, settlement agreements, labour conflicts, competition- and relationship clauses and fraud in the workplace. Stéfanie assists both employers and (statutory) directors as well as employees.

In 2017, Stéfanie completed the Grotius specialized training in employment law (cum laude). In 2018 she successfully completed the Mfn Mediator course.

Stéfanie is a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN).