Insolvency Law & Restructuring

Bankruptcies are common events. Practically every business is in some way affected by a bankruptcy. You may for example be confronted with a debtor or supplier who goes bankrupt, and it can be advisable to limit the risks facing your business as far as possible. On the other hand, for businesses in difficulty, a bankruptcy can offer opportunities, for example by making possible a restart.

Market developments and other factors can also make it necessary to carry out a well-prepared and implemented restructuring programme.

The expertise of BANNING
The Insolvency Law & Restructuring practice group of BANNING is made up of seven attorneys-at-law experienced in this field. Major players in this area of law, such as banks, ‘ordinary’ creditors and the Tax and Customs Administration have all improved their knowledge over the past few years. We understand the language spoken by these players, and as a result are able to offer you the best advice. In preparing our advice, we can also call on the knowledge and experience we have acquired as receivers in bankruptcies, and as administrators in moratoriums.

The attorneys that make up this practice group are for example involved in:

  • advising businesses and their directors on implementing restructuring programmes.
  • (preventing) the liability of directors and supervisory directors, in the face of (prospective) bankruptcy and in all other situations.
  • advising interested parties, for example creditors and financiers, faced with a business in (financial) difficulties.
  • collection processes. Entrepreneurs often have to deal with debtors who fail or fail correctly to comply with their obligations. We act on behalf of a variety of businesses as regular debt collection partner. We rely on the expertise available to us in the field of attachment law and execution law.

The attorneys-at-law that make up this practice group are also regularly consulted by company directors prior to taking important decisions that not only affect the company but that also relate to the position of the the directors themselves. These contacts are hallmarked by short lines of communication and a fixed contact person.

Courses and seminars
The Insolvency Law & Restructuring practice group is happy to share its experience. A number of our attorneys regularly provide (tailor-made) seminars for fellow professionals and entrepreneurs.