Directors and officers liability

The attorneys in the Insolvency Law & Restructuring practice group at BANNING regularly advise and litigate on the liability of directors and supervisory directors. As the (financial) difficulties facing businesses grow, so does the risk of liability. It is not unusual for decisions to be taken in this phase that receivers subsequently believe should not have been taken. In part due to the fact that a number of the attorneys in this practice group themselves act as official receivers, we are in a position to offer you excellent advice on the possibilities and consequences of decisions, thereby limiting the potential liability risk.

Via insurers, we often successfully assist directors and supervisory directors who are held liable by official receivers and third parties. Here, too, we can draw from considerable experience in practice.

Equally, that same experience can be used to hold directors and officers liable for actions in which you have become the victim. Here, too, the attorneys of our practice group will be delighted to offer you all the assistance you need.