The attorneys in the Insolvency law & Restructuring practice group at BANNING are recognised experts in the field of restructuring. We advise and support enterprises in arriving at a refinancing structure for the business, in consultation with the relevant financiers.

We also advise and counsel directors and businesses in preparation and application for silent administrations (pre-packing), moratoriums and bankruptcies, all with a view to bringing about a business restart or the rationalisation of a loss-making business unit.

Based on our experience as liquidators and administrators in bankruptcies and moratoriums, we are perfectly situated to help you decide which of the possible approaches is most desirable and most advisable.

Because most restructuring or reorganisation operations also involve issues of employment law, the Insolvency & Restructuring practice group works hand in hand with the Employment Law practice group.

Another excellent means of recovering (financial) stability is the voluntary agreement with creditors. We have considerable experience in both drawing up and submitting such voluntary agreements and consulting and negotiating with the relevant creditors.