For many businesses and entrepreneurs, intellectual property (IP) is of inestimable value. It is therefore essential that you protect your IP, be it your trade name, your brand, a new model, your own design, or a new invention. Both for acquiring IP and for protecting IP against infringement, specialist knowledge is an absolute must.

New technologies not only raise questions in respect of IP (patents on inventions) but also many issues at the interface with IT and privacy.
Via IT systems and other means of communication, huge volumes of personal details are processed. Businesses are expected to handle this data carefully and to ensure suitable protection. In response, businesses are required to establish procedures to trace, identify and wherever necessary report on data leakages.
When implementing new IT solutions for businesses processes, such as ERP, HRM and CRM systems, the question is often raised whether these solutions are also possible in the cloud.

In other words: every IT project has its own legal challenges. To make the situation even more complex, not only the technology but also the regulations are constantly in a state of flux.

The expertise of BANNING
The IP, IT & Privacy practice group at BANNING consists of enthusiastic and experienced attorneys-at-law, specialised in the field of IP,  IT and privacy law.
We have the expertise to assist you with every aspect of IP and in all phases of an IT project. Not only do we have vast experience in contract negotiations and drawing up and assessing agreements, but also advising on and supervising in conflicts and projects, and litigating before judicial bodies and arbitration councils.

Our practice is both national and international in its scope, and we are members of a variety of (international) specialist associations including INTA, ECTA, Marques, EPLAW, VPR, NVvIR and VIRA.