In spite of clear agreements on terms and conditions and period for payment, situations may arise in which your counterparty makes late payment or indeed makes no payment at all for the goods or services provided. You the supplier then run the risk of having difficulty making your own payments. A collection policy is essential in that situation, and we can offer the assistance you need.

In collecting claims – both in the Netherlands and beyond our national borders – the attorneys-at-law at BANNING can advise you on the possibilities for receiving the payment due to you, as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible expense. We have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to advise you and take on the entire process of collecting your claims. Whether you need someone to prepare a reminder notice or a notice of default, to communicate with the debtor, to seize assets, to apply for a bankruptcy or to initiate proceedings (interim relief proceedings in a collection case), we are on call to work and speak on your behalf.