Every entrepreneur and every (legal) entity takes larger or smaller risks. Some of these risks are insurable and others are not. Subconsciously and sometimes actively, you take risks every single day. The nature of those risks can depend on a whole range of factors, including the market, applicable legislation and regulations and the business practice in your enterprise. Insurance is a means of covering these risks. Insurance is often viewed as a necessary evil, costing time and money. Nonetheless, insurance does fulfil an essential role in every (trading) practice. Without insurance, it would no longer be possible or responsible to take any risks. It is therefore of essential importance that your insurance portfolio matches your situation or that of your business, and the risks you take on that basis.

We litigate and counsel on the assessment and settlement of liability and risk, on policy conditions and insurance cover. We have huge experience with a wide variety of insurance types, ranging from non-life insurance (fire insurance, Construction All Risk insurance) via liability insurance (directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, professional liability insurance, product liability insurance) through to insurance policies providing for payment of a capital sum (life insurance, incapacity for work insurance). We also have considerable knowledge in the field of financial regulations and supervision. On that basis we provide services to insurers, insurance brokers and (international) businesses.

Insurance is not the only means of limiting your risks. Some risks, for example can be excellently covered by taking practical preventive measures or by maintaining a financial reserve. The ideal form of risk cover differs from case to case and individual to individual. What one person considers an acceptable risk is unacceptable to another. For precisely those situations, our attorneys are specialists in risk management; in other words the process of charting out, analysing and restricting the specific risks to which your business is exposed. In this way, you can run your business in the way that best suits you, taking only the risks you consider acceptable.