Landlord and Tenant Law

The Landlord and Tenant Law practice group operates both in the field of commercial real estate and in matters of landlord and tenant law in relation to housing. Commercial real estate deals with shops, petrol stations, office buildings, storage space and production facilities. Our clients include lessees (such as retailers) and lessors (for example investors). The client base for Landlord and Tenant Law in respect of housing includes housing corporations and healthcare institutions.

The landlord and tenant law practice group has considerable experience of issues relating to asbestos, the procedures for reviewing rent prices (so-called ‘article 7:303 procedures’), notice of termination due to urgent own use, the renovation of shopping centres, business premises and houses, combined rental and franchise constructions, rental practice involving energy performance contracts (including neutral meter readings), defects in rented properties (including climate control installations) and the temporary letting of living space on the basis of the Vacant Properties Act.

The Landlord and Tenant Law practice group is a large group that brings together a great deal of expertise. The following attorneys are part of the group: Egbert Schelhaas, Bas Martens, Lucinda van Dam-van den Broek, Jeroen Mesman, Daan Smits and Ellen Jooren.