IT & Privacy

Every business handles personal details, including details relating to employees or customers. The processing of personal details must comply with strict privacy regulations. We can advise you on the conditions you must meet for example by providing answers to the following questions:

  •  What personal details are you allowed to process?
  •  How and for what purpose?
  •  How long may personal details be stored?
  •  What obligations apply in the event of transferring personal details abroad?

We can also support you in submitting the (often compulsory) registration to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

On your behalf, we can assess and draw up any necessary privacy-related declarations and agreements such as privacy statements, a variety of employee protocols, cookie messages on websites, processors’ agreements and transfer agreements.

To improve our service to you in dealing with questions about the processing of personal details, the attorneys of the IP & IT practice group and Privacy practice group work closely with Suzan Wolters of the Employment Law practice group.