Family & Inheritance Law

Family law issues relate to:

  • marriage and cohabitation: whether or not to establish a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation contract.
  • law relating to property held in common ownership: interim revision of prenuptial agreements or the cohabitation contract.
  • children: law on surnames, parental authority, child care settlements, relocation problems following a divorce.
  • divorce: division or settlement of assets, child maintenance and partner maintenance, pension equalisation.
  • inheritance law: which will or testament, settlement of the estate.

Issues of this kind are characterised by a combination of the personal interests of those involved (and their children), emotions and financial interests. The personal stories call for a good listener.

Our expertise

In the Family Law practice group at Banning, the eight dedicated attorneys-at-law are the good listeners you need. We strip back any legal obstacles to their essence, and take a broad view to identify what is needed to arrive at the best possible settlement.
Clear advice on your legal position and a clear strategy enable you to make carefully considered choices. Any steps to be taken will be carefully discussed with you. As necessary, we can consult with your (financial) advisor or call in a colleague/specialist from other (legal) fields.

The entrepreneur and divorce

We often assist entrepreneurs and their partners. In such cases, corporate law aspects play an important role. Thanks to our specific knowledge and experience in the field of ‘the entrepreneur and divorce’, we stand out from many other family law lawyers.

Courses and publications

We regularly provide courses for fellow lawyers, the judiciary and accountants, in particular in respect of maintenance and matrimonial property law. We also publish regularly in family law journals, and based on our knowhow are often called in as external experts by government authorities and institutions.
A number of the attorneys-at-law in this practice group occupy additional positions, for example within the judiciary, as judges and deputy justices.