Real Estate, Construction & Environment

The attorneys-at-law of the Real Estate, Construction & Environment practice group of Banning negotiate, advise and litigate on:

  •  landlord and tenant law
  •  building law
  •  the purchase and sale of real estate
  •  project development
  •  healthcare real estate
  •  transformation
  •  administrative law

We work on behalf of developers, construction companies, retailers, investors, housing corporations, healthcare institutions and municipalities.

Our expertise

Banning has a large and very enthusiastic real estate sector, that combines all relevant real estate disciplines. We can offer specialist knowledge while our team-based approach keeps us fully conversant with the latest developments in the real estate sector.

We are delighted to provide you with all the necessary advice, also on strategic issues. We also recognise that occasionally you need more than purely legal advice, and in that situation are happy to act as sparring partner.

If necessary, we are enthusiastic litigators in defence of your interests. We have considerable experience of litigation practice at district courts, and before the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry (in the Netherlands) and in many other forms of dispute settlement.

Seminars, training programmes and courses

The Real Estate practice group regularly provides seminars and training courses to keep you fully up to date on the legal developments relevant for your organisation. We also offer in-house courses.