A conflict costs a lot of energy, money and time. For all parties.

Mediation is increasingly being used to solve conflicts out of court. In mediation, the parties search jointly for a solution under the professional guidance of a neutral mediator.

Why mediation?

Mediation is considerably faster and cheaper than a legal procedure. On average, a mediation process takes one to three sessions (averaging two hours), depending on what and how much is at stake. A first mediation meeting can usually be scheduled within two weeks.

The success rate of mediation is high. More (creative) solutions are possible than in a legal procedure. And because parties themselves determine the solution to their conflict, there is also more satisfaction with the outcome of a mediation process. A win-win situation.

Our mediators

We are specialised in mediation. Our mediators have a background in law and are well-informed about the business and personal interests of the parties and offer solution-focused guidance with the right (legal) knowledge.

Our mediators are MfN- and/or vFAS-registered and specialise in labour mediation, business mediation, divorce mediation and family mediation.

In-house mediation

In addition to the regular form of mediation, we also offer in-house mediation (pre-mediation) for companies: guidance of parties in a partnership to prevent disputes, for example when making partnership agreements or in the run-up to decision-making. In this way, (threatened) conflicts in the workplace can be resolved preventively and in an accessible way, thus preventing escalation.

Experience has shown that many conflicts become unnecessarily large due to poor communication and the passage of time, with all the associated consequences and costs. With in-house mediation, we aim to nip conflicts in the bud in time, so that legal proceedings can be avoided.

In-house mediation takes place on the shop floor (digitally or physically). In-house mediation can be used on a subscription basis or on an hourly basis.


Do you have a conflict on your hands and do you wish to prevent further escalation or legal proceedings? Or would you like more information about (the use of) mediation? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.