Employment Law

Employment law is a dynamic area of the law, and problems relating to employment law are often urgent in nature. This not only demands a high degree of expertise and a rapid response from employment law attorneys, but also empathy and sensitivity to the relationships within organisations.

Our expertise

The size of the employment law practice group and the differing personalities and areas of expertise represented by our attorneys-at-law means that we are able to ensure the right specialist for every client and every assignment. This diversity and our proactive approach furthermore contribute to greater quality and cost savings. Although locally active, our practice group is also involved in transnational projects.

We advise and litigate among others in the following areas:

  •  reorganisations and restructuring
  •  individual and collective dismissal rights
  •  employee representation law
  •  collective labour agreement law
  •  social security law
  •  pension law
  •  fraud
  •  (sexual) harassment
  •  Incapacity for work and reintegration
  •  flexible employment & secondment
  •  insourcing and outsourcing & business transitions
  •  management and freelance agreements
  •  non-competition clauses, business relations clauses and other restrictive clauses

Your HRM policy reflects your company culture. For many clients, we act as trusted advisors. In that capacity, our advice ranges from the implementation of vision and strategy right through to matching remuneration policy with fiscal legislation and regulations.

Our employment law section is also inextricably linked with other sections at Banning. In consultation with these other sections, we can supervise and offer advice on:

  •  mergers and takeovers
  •  engagement and dismissal of managers and directors (under the articles of association)
  •  bonus and remuneration structures and management equity programmes

Banning Inhouse Attorneys

For projects and temporary vacancies within your organisation, we can offer ‘Banning Inhouse’. According to this system our attorneys-at-law are seconded temporarily to your organisation.

Corporate Secretary

We also offer support that goes beyond regular employment law, for example in the form of Banning’s ‘Corporate Secretary’. Corporate Secretary is the digital support tool for your HR policy: offering a tailor-made HR system that goes beyond simply maintaining HR administration.

Publications, workshops and seminars

Our section regularly issues newsletters, publications and provides workshops and seminars for HR managers, HR officers, managers and directors. All are of course tailor-made to match relevant current themes.