Compliance & Integrity

Companies are expected to comply with and implement applicable laws and regulations. It can be difficult for companies to have a clear picture of all the rules that must be met. However, non-compliance can have major consequences, both for your organization and its directors and managers personally. Think of (administrative) fines imposed by market authorities or even criminal prosecution.

Examples of laws and regulations that practically all companies have to deal with are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Competition Act, the Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (WWFT), the Environmental Management Act, the Aliens Employment Act (WAV) and the Penal Code (think of: bribery and corruption, forgery).

Careful corporate management may mean that you have to review compliance within your company, for example following a report under the whistleblower policy. In such situations, it may be desirable to have a lawyer conduct a confidential investigation and advise on the risks and further settlement. We have extensive experience with such investigations and regularly provide compliance training with a pragmatic approach, focusing on being able to identify situations of potential risk.

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Different jurisdictions

Compliance means meeting applicable laws and regulations. Due to the diversity of rules, compliance covers various areas of law, for example Competition & Regulatory, Employment Law and Privacy.