Cassation (Supreme Court Appeals)

The Supreme Court is the highest court of justice in the Netherlands. Not every attorney-at-law is qualified to litigate before the Supreme Court. Between 1876 and July 2012, this right was exclusively reserved to members of The Hague Bar.

On 1 July 2012 this ‘monopoly’ was removed and in its place a very strict quality assessment was introduced. Since that date, attorneys-at-law from across the Netherlands are authorised to litigate before the Supreme Court, on condition they have successfully passed the very tough admission exam.

Our expertise

At Banning, Marc Janssen and Katrien van Stratum are admitted to the Supreme Court as lawyers. The services of the Cassation Section mainly consist of litigating in cassation cases and advising on the possibilities of appealing in cassation. In addition, the cassation section can also advise you on handling cases in factual proceedings (with a view to possible cassation proceedings).