The Automotive specialists at Banning share a true passion for the automotive industry. We translate that passion into tailor-made and practical advice for (large) marque dealers, dealer networks, dealer associations and sector associations.

Huge changes in the Automotive sector

Over the past few years, the Automotive sector has undergone huge changes, with the restructuring of distribution networks, the rising numbers of private lease and electrical cars and the increased popularity of the concept of car sharing based on such initiatives as Car2Go and SnappCar. Demand for cars is expected to stabilise. The emission fraud by Volkswagen was recently made public, but as yet the macro consequences for the automotive sector are not entirely certain.
These and other developments are applying constant and growing pressure on the margins for dealers, in turn leading to ever growing competition in response to which the current earning model for marque dealers will have to be revised in the future, if they are going to survive. Dealers expect to be forced to go in search of new forms of cooperation.

Our expertise

The Automotive specialists at Banning are fully aware of the impact of these changes on your business. We can act as your trusted consultation partner, who contributes ideas on the future and possible restructuring of your company. We have recently assisted a number of large marque dealers in contract negotiations with their importer. We advised them on establishing, terminating or extending dealer contracts and offered support following the disappearance of one car marque from the Dutch market. In many cases, they were able to avoid long and costly legal proceedings. We have also recently advised leading dealer associations and sector associations on competition law and civil law, including a discussion of the latest developments and cooperation within the mobility sector. In these discussions we regularly served as strategic sparring partner.

Our integrated team specialises not only in distribution and after sales but also warranties, (reporting on) acquisitions and joint ventures, agreements within and decisions by sector and dealer associations, cooperation between businesses in the automotive sector, sustainability initiatives, real estate for dealerships and lease constructions.

We can also advise you on the privacy aspects of customer details in accordance with the latest privacy legislation: who manages and is responsible for customer details? And as part of that same subject area: who acquires the relationship with the customer, when multiple parties are involved in a transaction (for example private lease, financing or insurance?) Our specialists will be pleased to help you answer these and any other questions.