Energy and Sustainability

The Netherlands strives to make sustainable energy available to everyone at affordable prices. In 2019, 8.7% of all energy used in the Netherlands came from renewable sources. The Climate Agreement sets the target that by 2030 the share of renewable electricity in total electricity production will be 70%. In addition, the member states of the European Union (EU) have agreed that at least 32% of the energy generated in the EU (electricity, gas and heat) must be generated from renewable sources by 2030.

The transition to a sustainable energy supply is of great importance in combating climate change. In addition, the decreasing availability of fossil fuels and dependence on international energy suppliers make it urgent that our energy supply quickly becomes more sustainable.

Our expertise

Banning assists governments and companies in sustainable energy projects at every stage of development. Our lawyers are involved in the development of wind farms, solar energy and heat projects.

Our expertise includes: 

  • Public procurement
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Competition law (Market & Government Act)
  • Grants / state aid
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Financing and securities
  • Creating rights in rem, such as right of superficies, ground lease and easements
  • Environmental and planning law