Technology & Innovation

Technological developments including big data, 3D printing, apps and the Internet of things repeatedly raise legal questions in respect of intellectual property, IT law and privacy. Innovation in the field of Life Sciences and Telecom, for example, can result in (biotech) patents, growers’ rights and the exploitation of those rights, in a variety of forms.

Our expertise

Banning can offer the necessary knowledge and experience to provide all the support you need in the field of technology and innovation. Our involvement in the field of technology and innovation is for example reflected in collaboration with NextOEM, a collaborative venture established within the Brainport region, one of the world’s smartest regions, regularly compared with Silicon Valley in the US. Brainport is the home to numerous businesses operating in the fields of electronics, ICT, chemicals, life sciences, biotech and telecommunication. Banning regularly advises and represents many of these businesses.

Are you looking to establish the best possible protection for your innovations? Are you planning to share or exploit your inventions with others? Or are you in fact intending to have your invention commercially exploited by a third party? In all of these situations, Banning will be delighted to prepare the necessary joint development, R&D, non-disclosure and licensing agreements. We also have experience of counselling start-ups with innovative concepts, and if you are looking for legal support in supervising IT projects or in the field of privacy compliance, Banning is still the place to be. For example, we recently offered our consultancy services during the development of apps, an innovative water treatment installation, and the legal protection of a renewable heating method developed by a start-up company that won an innovation prize for its invention. Banning is also currently involved in a much publicised biotech patent case, and we have been involved in advising on the privacy-law aspects of the use of domotics applications.

Innovation & tax advantages

Innovation not only keeps one step ahead of the competition, but also means you can enjoy tax advantages. In the Netherlands, innovation is encouraged in the form of a series of fiscal measures in respect of income and wage tax (the innovation box and R&D tax credit (WBS).
If you are looking to generate the maximum profit from these tax advantages, you need to focus attention on the application and your own administrative processes, at the earliest possible stage. The tax consultants at Banning will be delighted to help you in making the optimum use of measures aimed at encouraging innovation, in your business.