Manufacturing industry

The Dutch manufacturing industry is made up of numerous subsectors based in various regions and economic centres around the country. Despite this variety, certain characteristics apply to the entire manufacturing industry. Economic developments (raw materials prices, taxation), political shifts (boycotts) and social developments (physical workers versus robots) are aspects that face every operator in the manufacturing industry, whether you are focused on technology, pharmaceuticals, chemical processes or industrial applications.

Developments within the manufacturing sector

Within Dutch manufacturing, and certainly also on an international scale, a number of important developments are taking place which will undoubtedly affect your business practice. Consider for example the growing demands on sustainable business practice, new emerging markets, changes to the supply chain, changes within human resource management and the upsurge of (vertical) collaborative ventures.
Are you (sufficiently) aware of the impact of these developments?

Our expertise

As a Brabant-based firm, we are perfectly positioned to understand the strength of the regional and national players in the manufacturing industry. This knowledge has taught us that no development takes place in isolation, but instead could influence your entire business, from joint venture structures, operating optimisation through reorganisations, mergers and the disposal of business components, through to the protection of products and innovation (IP rights), international rules and regulations, (foreign) employees/secondment, etc. As a strategic partner, we think ahead and are keen to help you and your business anticipate market developments now and in the future. Our combination of legal and fiscal services offers added value in all our consultancy activities.