Litigation Support

The highly experienced Litigation Support department of Banning Advocaten has an excellent reputation. We may assist you in all required administrative activities regarding matters brought before the court and court of appeal. Multiple (inter)national law firms appeal to our knowledge and experience in litigation support.

As per 1 September 2022 Marc (M.A.J.G.) Janssen supersedes Philip van der Ven as attorney of record. Marc Janssen may even act as your national attorney of record since most documents may be submitted to the court digitally. Finally, Marc Janssen may act and advise in your appeal to the Supreme Court.

If desired, we may furthermore assist you with and advise you on the monitoring of time limits.

Our Litigation Support department is lead by the highly experienced Helly Verhallen. Together with Annemiek Brouwers-de Waardt she is happy to assist in and advise on litigation, submit documents to the court and monitor your time limits.

The Litigation Support department can be reached through phone by calling 073 – 692 77 94, and through email by sending an email to

All requests made to our Litigation Support department are governed by the general terms and conditions of BANNING N.V. and our general conditions for litigation support.