Insolvency & Restructuring

Over the past few years, bankruptcies have become commonplace. Almost every business has suffered the consequences of a bankruptcy. Your company for example may face difficulties with a debtor or a supplier that goes bankrupt. Against that background, it is wise to limit the risks for your business as far as possible.

Our Insolvency Law & Restructuring attorneys have huge experience in this field. Key players in the field, such as banks, ‘ordinary’ creditors and the Tax and Customs Administration have also much improved their knowledge over the last few years. Our attorneys at law understand the language of these players and as a consequence are fully capable of offering you sound advice. Our attorneys also make use of the knowledge and experience they have accrued as receivers in bankruptcies and as administrators in suspension of payment cases.

For businesses facing difficulties, however, bankruptcies can also offer opportunities, for example effectuating a relaunch. In other circumstances, market developments and other factors can make it necessary to carry out a well-prepared restructuring process.