Corporate Social Responsibility

Banning sets great store by development and social commitment. Banning’s staff are regularly engaged in social, sports and cultural initiatives.

Het Noordbrabants Museum

Banning is also the official partner of Het Noordbrabants Museum in ’s‑Hertogenbosch. In 2016, Het Noordbrabants Museum was in the news with the tremendously successful Jheronimus Bosch exhibition. By means of this partnership, Banning contributes to the preservation of and education on art, history and culture of the province of Noord-Brabant and the city of ’s‑Hertogenbosch.

If you have any questions on corporate social responsibility, please contact our PR, Marketing & Communication department (073 – 692 77 73 or

Legal aid lawyers

Legal aid lawyers generally assist clients on an assignment basis. With the government increasingly cutting back on the costs of legal aid, it has been under pressure for many years already. Banning wishes to make a specific contribution to alleviate that pressure. It therefore offers free of charge training at its own approved training Institute (Banning Opleidingen) to legal aid lawyers. It does so in consultation with the Dutch Bar Association of Oost-Brabant, thereby allowing legal aid lawyers to obtain their CPD points free of charge and to benefit from the knowledge and specialists of Banning.