Financing & Securities

Financing & securities are an integral part of corporate law, given the constant state of flux on the market and the resultant necessary adjustments to the forms of financing and security. Take for example private equity, syndicated loans, securitisation, factoring, settlement, project and group financing and, last but not least, crowdfunding. Financing and security issues often have cross-border aspects. There are also numerous technical aspects in establishing Internet-based financing, while the ever-expanding web of regulations in these areas is becoming increasingly important.

Inherent in any financing process is the desire for security. Traditional securities are pledging and mortgage rights, but other options include supplier credit, suretyship contracts, (bank) guarantees and the joint and several liability of debtors. Our attorneys at law advise on the establishment and enforcement of securities, sometimes in the face of bankruptcy. That situation also calls for knowledge of insolvency law.