Protection of creativity, innovation and originality


Keeping your brand exclusive requires an effective enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

At Banning, we understand that the trade in counterfeit products is detrimental to your brand. Counterfeit trade not only reduces business revenues but also facilitates free-riding on your investments. Moreover, it causes serious damage to your brand reputation. Consumers may link the poor quality of the counterfeit products to your brand. In addition, the counterfeit products could be directly harmful to the consumer as these products often do not meet the applicable EU health and safety standards.

Banning’s intellectual property attorneys are specialized and experienced in protecting your brand against counterfeit practices. We have a long standing practice in assisting national and international trademark owners in the retail industry with a particular focus on fashion. Based on our extensive experience, we are able to protect your brands in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our services include:

  • Active detection of online trade in counterfeit products;
  • Pre-litigation brand protection including sending acknowledgement-and-undertaking letters and negotiations;
  • Civil proceedings, including preliminary proceedings and proceedings on the merits;
  • Maintaining contact with the Dutch Customs and reporting counterfeit trade to the Dutch National Police.

We look forward to discuss how we can cooperate with you in fighting counterfeit trade. Please do not hesitate to contact us.