Procurement Law

Every year, Dutch contracting authorities purchase supplies, services and works worth more than 85 billion euro. These contracts are often put on the market via (EU) regulated procurement procedures. This makes the public market attractive to companies. However, there are usually no quick wins. Companies that want to obtain public contracts are confronted with procurement procedures that can be labour-intensive, require careful preparation and have an uncertain outcome.

Knowledge of recent developments in the field of legislation, regulations and case law is a must for successful tendering. Procurement law is full of formal rules that are strictly adhered to and is constantly changing. A small formal error can result in exclusion from the procurement procedure or in the loss of the chance to win. Asking the right questions in time can also be important for a successful tender.

Our procurement law specialists are available to (potential) bidders and public authorities for advice, (summary) proceedings or legal assistance in (complex) procurement processes. Also in specific areas such as construction and real estate, public transport, healthcare, defence, energy and ICT. Our lawyers deliver customised services and think along with you proactively and purposefully in order to arrive at the best solution.

If a dispute arises in connection with a public procurement procedure or private tender, we clearly map out the opportunities and risks. Sometimes a legal procedure is unavoidable. In that situation, too, we guarantee a fast, pragmatic and goal-oriented approach.