Inhouse mediation

Besides the regular form of mediation, we also offer in-house mediation (pre-mediation) for companies: guidance of those involved in a cooperation to prevent disputes, for example when making cooperation agreements or in the run-up to decision-making. In this way, (threatening) conflicts in the workplace can be solved preventively and in an accessible way, thus preventing escalation.

Sometimes a mediation process is too heavy a means for the situation. In-house mediation or pre-mediation is intended to give parties the opportunity to talk about an (impending or starting) conflict in an informal way. In-house mediation is a low-threshold meeting with a mediator and the parties involved. During the meeting, the mediator examines what is going on and whether this can be clarified. The aim is to clarify what is causing the tension and what the desired solution is. Pre-mediation ensures that the sting is taken out quickly, so that the (threatening) conflict de-escalates. In many cases, the situation is already resolved before it actually becomes a conflict.

In contrast to regular mediation, In-house mediation does not involve any official rules to which the parties sign up.


Are you interested in or do you have any questions about In-house mediation? Please feel free to contact Stéfanie van Creij to discuss the possibilities of Inhouse mediation.