Banning adviseert Brookz B.V. en haar founders bij een investering door de beursgenoteerde investeringsmaatschappij Value8 in Brookz

Banning advised Brookz B.V. and its founders on an investment by listed investment company Value8 in Brookz.

With its investment, Value8 acquires a 31 per cent stake in Brookz B.V. (

Brookz is the largest acquisition platform in the Netherlands with more than 50,000 affiliated entrepreneurs, investors and advisers. Since Brookz was founded in 2007, more than 7,400 companies have been sold through the platform.

After acquiring 31% in Dealsuite in early 2023, Value8 is now also acquiring a stake in a second online acquisition platform.

The deal team included Jan Willem Reesink and Peter Kruit. Banning congratulates Brookz and Value8 on the successful completion of this transaction.

Do you also want to sell your company? If so, please contact Jan Willem Reesink for more information.