Banning advises management in a management buy-out of Kargro


Corporate law - M&A

09 June 2021

Kargro, the Dutch market leader in collecting and recycling of end-of-life tyres (“ELTs”), was acquired by management in a management-buy-out.

Kargro, headquartered in Montfoort, collects used truck tyres under the brand name Kargro Banden and used passenger car tyres under the brand name Lintire. The collected tyres are either sold for new use, re-treaded by Kargro’s wholly owned subsidiary Banden Plan Europe or processed into raw materials (rubber, steel and cotton). The company is frontrunner when it comes to circularity and is actively investing and doing research in new recycling techniques.

Banning (Henk Brat & Suzanne Lodder) acted as legal advisor to all shareholders.