Compensation & Benefits

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It is essential for companies to have a well-considered remuneration policy in place. Obviously as an incentive, in order to bind talented employees to the company in the war for talent. But a sound remuneration policy is also of great importance in relation to stakeholders, such as shareholders and public authorities. Proper compliance with regard to  the remuneration policy also requires your special attention.

Our specialists are at your service to proactively and effectively coordinate all these aspects of the remuneration policy, from initial setup to maintenance. We work together closely in the fields of employment law, tax law, compliance and corporate law, to name a few, to guarantee high-quality integrated services.

We are our clients’ trusted advisors in the following fields, among others:

  •  share-related and other bonus plans;
  •  remuneration structures;
  •  lucrative interest structures;
  •  expats (including 30% tax rulings);
  •  cross-border remuneration;
  •  payroll audits; and
  •  management agreements

We regularly publish and organise workshops and seminars on current remuneration themes for business owners. They can be also be tailored to your company’s needs.