Construction Law

The construction law attorneys at Banning are involved in construction projects throughout the country. We combine our legal knowledge and experience with a thorough technical understanding. As a consequence, we are able to offer you excellent advice on your position in broad-based collaborative ventures on construction projects or in issues of liability. Our construction attorneys act on behalf of private and public clients, for implementing parties (contractors, installation engineers and suppliers) and for consulting engineers and project managers. Together with the specialists in tendering law at Banning we form a close team.

The construction industry traditionally relies on standard contracts and general terms and conditions, including the Uniform Administrative Conditions (UAV), Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contracts (UAV-GC), The New Rules (DNR), General Contract Conditions (AVA) and Standard Specifications for  Rationalisation and Automation of Civil Water and Road Building (RAW). In practice, we work regularly with these schemes and regulations, but also know when a standard solution is unsuitable and when a tailor-made approach is required.

The attorneys in the Real Estate, Construction and Government practice group are of course also experienced litigators in construction-related disputes. We will always try to solve disputes cost efficiently, but if no settlement can be reached, the only option is litigation. We have successfully litigated before the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI) and before traditional courts on liability issues, final settlements including additional and less work, disputes concerning implementation, discussions relating to delays and insurance questions.

Sustainable building is an important and very current theme. The construction sector is constantly innovating, and energy performance standards are continuously being tightened up. The importance of reducing numbers of construction errors is at great as ever, and the Building Information Model (BIM) is becoming increasingly popular. The structural safety of building projects occupies a place on the national political agenda. Our attorneys closely monitor all these developments, and will be happy to inform you via newsletters and lectures.