Spatial administrative law

The Administrative Law practice group at Banning is above all involved in:

  • spatial administrative law: implementing construction plans within and outside built-up areas;
  • land policy: Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act, Compulsory Purchase Act and the Land Exploitation Act;
  • environmental law: noise nuisance, soil contamination and air quality;
  • government property law: agreements with government, unlawful acts by government, compensation for losses resulting from administrative acts and losses resulting from government planning decisions;
  • special administrative law in respect of grants and subsidies.

Individual citizens, industry and government come together in numerous different fields. Certainly in a country like ours where space is limited, government is not always an opponent, but sometimes also a partner. Whether for new projects or for the transformation of existing locations, in all cases, government authorities are the competent bodies. It is not only essential to obtain the necessary licences and permits, but also to make sure they are upheld.  Wherever possible, the relationship with the authorities must be such that not only the content but also the quality of the decisions to be made is determined in consultation.

Our practice group acts on behalf of a large number of market parties including contractors, project developers, investors and representatives from the office and industrial building sector. Our clients come from the higher SME segment, but large stock exchange-quoted companies also call upon the services of Banning. We also act on behalf of public parties.