Employment Law

Every company is confronted with rules and regulations. The problem with that is that a company does not determine its behaviour itself. Employees determine the behaviour of the company. It is, therefore, an understandable and necessary desire of employers to bind their employees to rules and regulations.

From an employment law perspective, this can be given shape in several ways. Sometimes a contractual bond is necessary, but rules and regulations can also be imposed unilaterally. It is often thought that a contractual obligation is stronger than unilaterally imposed rules, but that is not always the case.

Our specialists know which rules are essential to your company and how they can bind your employees to it. We regularly advise on setting up, implementing, and enforcing rules and regulations. In doing so, we take into account the characteristics and nature of your company. We ensure that the rules and regulations are implemented effectively and practically so that they fit like a glove and match your plans for the future.