Competition & Regulatory

Violations of competition law can have far-reaching consequences for businesses, personnel and possibly shareholders. These consequences may include high fines, reputation damage and huge demands on administrative and financial resources as a consequence of (civil) proceedings. Compliance with competition law is first and foremost the individual responsibility of any company. Implementing a compliance program can be the ideal solution.

We have rolled out compliance programs for various leading (international) companies, and regularly provide training programs for groups of employees. The primary objective of any compliance program is to keep staff and management informed of the content and relevance of compliance with competition law and being able to recognize situations of potential legal risk A compliance program will also support your business in preparing for any (unwanted) investigations by the competition authorities

Our specialists believe that to be successful, a compliance program must be both effective and realistic. As a consequence, instead of focusing on what is not allowed, we above all focus on what is permitted, based on topical examples from practice, according to a pragmatic and bespoke approach. After all, no two companies or markets are the same.