Inheritance Law

You wish to take good care of the people you leave behind, when you are no longer here. The attorneys in the Family Law practice group can advise you on the most important issues that then arise, such as the content of a will. In your will you can lay down what you want to have done with your assets following your death. You can disinherit legal heirs, you can appoint non-legal heirs as beneficiaries and you can appoint a person to settle all these matters following your death (executor). The will is also the place in which you can arrange guardianship for your minor children. If one of the parents dies, care for the children is automatically transferred to the other authoritative parent. If, however, both parents should die unexpectedly, it is wise to have appointed a guardian in your will. If parents have made no arrangements, the courts will appoint a guardian. We can counsel you in making a correct record of the most suitable agreements.

The range of services from Banning also focuses on advising, mediating and wherever necessary litigating on the settlement of estates. There are often several stakeholders involved in the settlement of an estate. In addition to the mourning that accompanies any death, numerous issues also have to be dealt with. An inventory has to be drawn up of all the assets and debts of the deceased, at which point the estate has to be settled in accordance with the legal provisions or according to the last will and testament drawn up by the deceased. Our specialist knowledge in respect of business means that we are also often called in to deal with complex issues of inheritance law.