International Family Law

The increasingly international character of our society means that even in family law, many issues are becoming transnational. For example if a marriage is entered into abroad, if (one of) the spouses live(s) abroad, (one of the) spouses hold(s) a foreign nationality, or if assets are held abroad.

In international family law and the law of persons, it is essential to first determine on the basis of which a law dispute has to be settled, and which courts are competent to hear the dispute. It is therefore worthwhile to consider in advance the legal consequences of the decisions that arise from the issues just referred to. The attorneys in the Family Law practice group at Banning not only offer advice and counselling in the event of divorce and separation, but can also assist you at the start and throughout the course of your relationship, in arriving at conscious legal choices. As a result, you will never be confronted with (unpleasant) surprises at a later stage.

We can also advise you on international inheritance law. It is for example not always the case that Dutch inheritance law will apply to any inheritance, if you have assets abroad and/or live abroad. We can advise you on the form of law that applies in your situation and whether and how you can express your preference for the choice of law you wish to have applied. We can even advise you and if necessary litigate on the settlement of international inheritances. Our aim in this work is to help you arrive at the soundest legal settlement of the estate.