Law relating to property held in common ownership

Most people do not consider the financial consequences of entering into a relationship. Partners often move in together without a cohabitation agreement, or get married without thinking in a community or property or on the basis of ill-conceived prenuptial agreements. Furthermore, partners are often unaware of the property-law consequences of their actions during the period the relationship lasts. These only become visible when the relationship ends due to separation, divorce or death. During a separation or divorce, or following a death, (one of) the partners will establish a basis for a new future. Creating a financially and emotionally stable future for the basis requires sound legal assistance.

We offer advice and counselling not only in the event of separation and divorce but we also assist partners at the start of their relationship in making carefully considered choices for their (marital) property regime. This process is also known as premarital mediation. Based on mediation techniques, we are able to advise you on the ideal cohabitation agreement or prenuptial agreements. If changes occur during the relationship, we advise the partners on whether the initially chosen (marital) property regime is still relevant. In other words, we counsel partners from the start of their relationship right through to the settlement at its end as a result of separation, divorce or death.

For more information visit us at The Stichting Prenups foundation encourages the establishment of prenuptial agreements and cohabitation contracts via mediation techniques.